Just like Mississippi's Creative Economy, Madison County is a crossroad of people, places and prosperity. The creative economy includes creative people, such as artists, skilled artisans, writers, chefs, musicians, architects and designers.  It consists of creative businesses and organizations, from museums, art galleries and bookstores to advertising agencies, as well as creative places that attract clusters of creative individuals and enterprises contributing to the remarkable quality of life we enjoy here. These creative individuals and entities contribute significantly to our local economy. Ours is an entrepreneurial economy, and creativity is quickly becoming the key to competitive advantage in many of the fastest-growing sectors in our county.

Sit back and relax while you peruse this site. You'll learn how Madison County's creative economy is a direct source of economic growth, jobs and wealth. Our strong creative and cultural setting provides an environment that offers interesting attractions, entertainment and culture. We are presenting this web site as a collective gathering space and bridge to connect our county's rich history, events, attractions and creative assets. You'll find a centralized calendar of all county events right here, and you'll learn more about the many exciting attractions that make Madison County such a special place.