Shopping Tips for The Canton Flea Market

These tips are to aid you in your shopping (treasure hunt - get more goodies) and have a good time at the Canton Flea Market!

1.  Come Early (the old adage: "the early bird gets the worm" applies here)....some of the items displayed are "one-of-a-kind"  and are priced to move.

2.  Be decisive!  All the time we'll have shoppers bemoaning that they missed a great deal because they didn't make a quick decision. They waited, walk away from a vendor and when they tried to go back to make a purchase and shazam! it's gone.  (Or, they couldn't remember how to make it back to the vendor.)

3.  Don't go crazy!  Remember you're walking, so buying a 50 lb item and having to lug it around all day is crazy!  Check with the merchant to see if you can buy and have them hold the purchase for pick up later.  At our store (and our outside tent,) The Emporium, customers can buy and we'll be glad to hold their purchase for pick up later (up to even several days later!) 

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