Tallulah's is Now Open!

The newest addition to the Canton Square is Tallulah's, a store opened by Charlleis Lovett.  She recently moved to Canton from California and purchased the old Bed & Breakfast House on Center Street.

If you haven't made in yet to take a look at Tallulah's you're in for a treat.  The store, is hard to describe because it features an eclectic mix of seasonal décor by various artist, unique antiques, vast doll collection and all types of art pieces.  The store reflects the multi-medium artist work that Charlleis (the owner) likes to make from being a professional seamstress (worked on several movie projects)  to being a talented potter and painter. 

Tallulah's is located on the west side of the Square at 107 N. Union Street. For more information about Tallulah's call (601) 391-3634.